2013 CAAH-sponsored Russellville Seed Swap

Swapping seeds

Swapping seeds

This past weekend CAAH (Conserving Arkansas’s Agricultural Heritage) hosted the 2013 Seed Swap at the Episcopol Church in Russellville. To learn more about the swap you can check out our recent Seed and the Story column, a partnership with the Courier newspaper and the Boiled Down Juice site. Click here to read the piece. 

We attended the event, gave away some Marigold seeds that belonged to our director’s mother, the late Mary Sue McElroy Martin, and talked about our work on the Garden Book project. We had a great time meeting new people and running into old friends and talking about our work! We also had several volunteers sign up to be a part of our ongoing research, so we can’t wait to meet with them and learn about their gardens and how we can help support a stronger growing community in the region!

It was especially exciting because there were so many in attendance and so many seeds were exchanged. We stayed pretty busy talking and handing out seeds, but snapped a few photos near the end of the event to share here.

If you’d like to know more about our work please check out the “About” section.  We are a totally volunteer-run organization, and we’d love to have you join us!