Radio Production

Knitting Circle at Knit 2 Together in Russellville, Arkansas.

Please forgive design flaws.  Working out the kinks!  Thanks.  

At least one night a week area knitters meet at Knit 2 Together, a store in Russellville, to share knitting knowledge and visit. It’s an inter-generational gathering that builds and sustains community.   I also wrote an article for the local paper, which you can read here.

Knit Together, profile of the local Russellville Business, Knit 2 Together

Singer and songwriter Hazel Dickens was one of the most courageous and important singer/songwriters of our time.  She passed his past September.  I was honored and humbled to be create this audio memorial for Ozarks at Large.  To listen click here.   To see the orginial post for this piece, visit the BoiledDownJuice.

Radio production and other audio production will be a regular part of the McElroy House work.


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