What We Do

Bud Rector and J.L. Martin, Chickalah, Arkansas. 2012.

420 South Second Dardanelle, AR

Who We Are:

Located in Dardanelle and serving Pope and Yell Counties, the McElroy House is a grassroots community-based organization working to find local solutions to local problems. Valuing our landscape and our cultural resources, we explore how the past informs the present, and how, by building bridges across generations and cultures, we can work toward a stronger and more inclusive future for Pope and Yell Counties.

We work to find connections and commonalities between communities in rural and urban areas and foster spaces for coming together across differences. All of our resources and activities are intergenerational. We are closely linked with the Boiled Down Juice publication (www.boileddownjuice.com),“a gathering space for conversations at the intersection of community-based traditions and holistic, democratic, place-based community action.” The Boiled Down Juice is a resource site; the McElroy House an action-oriented organization.

What We Do:

  • Once a month interactive skill shares by and for the community on topics including cloth diapers, making your own baby food, gardening and sustainable living resources, making herbal tinctures, weatherizing older homes, knitting and crocheting, and many more.

  • Living Room Conversations bringing community members together for conversations and building resources for fighting racism and building what Martin Luther King called “beloved community” for all in our community.

  • Green Parking Lot and Water Retention Garden. Partnership with the University of Arkansas Community Design Center to create a small green parking lot for our center. The garden features native and butterfly and bee attracting plants.

  • A yearly Harvest Run to bring people together. Visit www.mcelroyharvestrun.com to sign up! All proceeds support our work!

  • Partnerships with local historians and researchers to explore how we can learn from the past to build a more just future for everyone.

  • The Seed and the Story column, in the Courier and on the Boiled Down Juice site. Based on the community columns in rural papers, this column seeks to encourage community conversations about the intersection of history and building a more just future.

  • Features in ABOUT the River Valley magazine featuring oral histories, folklife, and community organizing topics.

  • Oral History radio pieces in partnership with the Ozarks at Large show on KUAF 91.3 FM. These pieces highlight the history of the region, while also examining living cultural traditions, creative economies, and the art of daily living.

  • Research and entries on local history for the Arkansas Encyclopedia of History and Culture

  • Internships with students and community members. Please contact us if you’re interested in creating one! We can work with you to ensure class credit for ATU or other area programs.

Follow us on Facebook at McElroy House:Organization forCultural Resources

Follow our community-based media work and join in on the conversations about placed-based traditions and community action at www.boileddownjuice.com or on Facebook at: The BoiledDown Juice

Contact the McElroy House via email at TheMcElroyhouse@yahoo.com. Or call 479-957-0551.


6 Comments on “What We Do”

  1. John says:

    I see that this and the other blog is for Yell County History etc. only. I live in Pope County and am trying to get some information about a historic location in northern Pope County. I have contacted Pope County Historical Society and Library with no luck. Do you have any ideas of where to go to next? Thanks

  2. […] Arkansas (or if you just want to come stay for a while) we’d love to have you join us. Learn more about our work here . If you’d like to talk more, please contact us here.  We’re a totally volunteer run […]

  3. Greg Jones says:

    Would you be interested in interviewing my 93 year old grandmother?

    Her name is Violet Morgan. She is a direct decendant of the settling families of the valley. Was raised in the Valley and has never moved farther away than 2nd street in Dardanelle. Her father a Morgan, her mother a Harris and thier parents were Harkey & Morgan.

    She can tell you all of the history by memory as well as who lays beneath just about every stone in both Harkey Valley & Chickalah Methodist Cemetaries as well as others in Yell County. She decorates from Hector to Dover(Tackett, Sims and Bulluck relatives) to Harkey to Cardon Bottoms(Harkey, Morgan, Sims & Wiggins relatives)

    If you are interested, you can reach me via e-mail or by phone at 501-837-2268.

    Greg Jones

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