Plant Drawing Class, Making Non-Toxic Bug Sprays, Building Healthy Soil: An Afternoon in the Garden


Artist and Farmer Kim Doughty-McCannon will lead the plant drawing classes!

What:  An Afternoon in the Garden: Drawing Plants with artist and farmer Kim Doughty-McCannon and Talking Soil and Gardening with heirloom gardener, Debe Hudson.

Where: McElroy House, 420 S. 2nd Dardanelle, AR 72205

When:  March 25th 2:00 p.m. -5:00 p.m.

Contact: 479-957-0551

See the facebook invite/RSVP by clicking here. 

This is part of our yearlong series of workshops and skill shares exploring the concept of home.

We will be making original art to be taken home and/or showcased in our community art show this coming summer.


Calendar made by Kim!

Artist and farmer Kim Doughty-McCannon will offer free plant illustration classes in our garden using our brand new art supplies purchased with funding from our Alternate ROOTS art grant.

Native plant grower Debe Hudson will be on hand at the “Ask a Grower Booth,” and will be there to teach us about building up organic soil, creating non toxic bug sprays, and answer any questions you have about your own garden.  

We’ll have free seeds to give away and our resource library will be open, you can check out our portraits of gardeners on the wall, and we’ll also have snacks on hand. We’d love to meet you and hear about your own garden!

This is part of our year long series funded by Alternate ROOTS, focusing on what makes this place home. Join us each month for interactive workshops and creation events. Help us build beloved community!

AND a Visitor from Utah!

Nelda will be visiting from Utah, and has agreed to do a short presentation and share information and resources with the community while visiting. She’ll be presenting around 4:00, but she will be at the event from 2:00-5:00, so stop in and say hello!

More on Nelda: Nelda Ault-Dyslin has worked and volunteered with refugees and immigrants for eleven years. In 2014, she helped create the Cache Refugee and Immigrant Connection, a non-profit in her hometown of Logan, UT. CRIC’s volunteers assist Cache Valley’s 300-400 refugees through education and connection to community resources. Last year, CRIC volunteers logged over 1,000 hours of service. Nelda has a master’s degree in Folk Studies from Western Kentucky University, where she studied community education and the importance of culture and communities. She currently works at Utah State University as the community service coordinator in the Val R. Christensen Service Center.

More on our skillshare leaders:

Kim Doughty-McCannon is an Arkansas GardenCorps site supervisor for the Faulkner County Urban Farm Project in Conway and she is starting her own urban farm in Conway with husband Zack. Nature and gardens are the major sources of inspiration for her artwork. You can see examples of her work online at and learn more about her farm, Bell Urban Farm, at

Debe Hudson created A B C Nature Greenhouse and Herb Farm in 1998. From Debe: “We started with orchids and herbs.In 2006, we changed over to all edible plants. We grow organically and don’t believe in using any pesticides, insecticides or herbicides of any kind. WE only use the IPMS system in which good bugs are used to eat the bad bugs.

We grew lots of herbs: culinary, medicinal, curative aromatic, and spices. We are now only a seasonal greenhouse and only grow things for gardens. Tomatoes and peppers are the primary plants; plus herbs and a very few spices.”


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