All Hands on Deck Weaving: Sunday Afternoons at the McElroy House


Jeannie shows a visitor how to knit.

This year all of our skill shares and workshops will focus on the concept of HOME. Thanks to a generous grant from Alternate ROOTS, we are able to fund more artisans, artists, and speakers to come offer classes and workshops.

Every Sunday we are offering All Hands on Deck weaving, a knitting and crochet circle open to everyone. We’ll supply you with yarn and any other tools you need to get started. We also open up our library, we have free wifi, and our garden is started to bloom!

Jeanie had this to say about the Sunday gatherings:

Funny, but the living room conversations take me back to when I was growing up and my family would travel across town to spend a good chunk of the day visiting another family whose mother was my mother’s best friend. It has been about forty years since I last visited with my sisters and parents. Both my parents and one sister have already passed, but those relationships I have with that family are still going strong. Those children I grew up with are like my own siblings. When I visit those elderly parents, we share memories of my parents and my sister. I have never had relationships like that in my life. The living room conversations remind me that it takes a long time to build relationships, but it is that connecting that defines home.

As with everything we do at the McElroy House, there are multi-layered goals. Bringing yarns together can mean many things. Come join us in creating a web.

Together we can build beloved community and support all our neighbors!

Click here to RSVP!


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