An Afternoon of Home: Poetry, Pies, and a Conversation with Hunter Johnny Sain



Hunter, environmentalist and writer Johnny Sain will lead a discussion entitled “The Nature of Here.

Join us Saturday February 18th for an afternoon of events!

~ 3:00 Poetry and Pies: An intergenerational poetry workshop with yummy pies

~ 5:00: The Nature of Here: A Conversation with Hunter Johnny Sain.


The details:


We’ll begin at 3:00 with an interactive workshop on poetry and pies. Samantha Dill, local educator, will lead a poetry activity, “How Do You Turn Yourself Into a Poem?” This is an all ages activity for children and elders alike. During the workshop you can enjoy some locally made pies and hear the stories behind them!

Beginning at 5:00 we’ll host a potluck and community conversation with local hunter and writer Johnny Sain.


Johnny Sain is an Atkins native who now lives in Dover. He’s a hunter, writer, editor, and environmentalist and has been referred to as a “philosophical hillbilly.” He’ll be leading an open community conversation on the importance of what makes this place home. From Johnny:


A “sense of place” is best described as recognizing the identity and character of a location. It’s an understanding of what makes here “here.” Various aspects such as flora, fauna, topography, climate, and history can all contribute to the distinct aura of the place you call home. An awareness of place is the foundation of culture. But sadly, this awareness is dwindling.


The key to resolving many of our environmental issues is understanding and appreciating our relationship to place. This can be accomplished by once again becoming aware. It really is as simple as opening our eyes and ears, of taking a deep breath and savoring the flavors. From this awareness will spring humility and gratitude. And establishing this deep, even emotional connection is how we will protect, preserve and even enhance what is left of our natural world.


Potluck will begin at 5:00 with the conversation starting around 5:30. Bring a peanut free dish to share or just bring yourself. Kids always welcome. Please let us know in advance so we make sure to have enough room!

Call 479-957-0551 for more information


Links to the fb invites:

These events are part of our year-long series focusing on the theme of HOME.  Thanks so much to Alternate ROOTS for helping us fund these events and give money back to the community.


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