Join the Second Annual Harvest Run to Support Our Work!

11721445_10101821313125897_115215034_nOur second annual Harvest Run will take place December 5th and scenic Bona Dea Trail in Russellville, Arkansas. This year’s run will also feature a Kids Fun Run!  This is our major fundraising event, and all proceeds go toward supporting our community work. Sign up here!



You have lots of options for support! You can do the walk/run, you  can become a sponsor (our Feed a Runner Sponsor starts at 10.00!), or, if you live far away or are busy that day you can do a virtual run! However you want to do it, your donations support our work! 

Our goals are broad, but our strategies concrete. We seek to bring people together across differences to stand for beloved community. Our resources focus on low-income communities and center anti-racism in all we do, especially in reaching out to fellow white people to fight for the rights of all.

This takes on many forms and we seek to always listen to what people in the community say they/we need. We also strive to build partnerships in both rural and urban communities in our region, creating spaces both literal and metaphorical that bring people together for justice and growth.

Here’s a short list of what you’d be supporting:

  • Monthly Skill Shares on everything from permaculture to cooking from scratch on a budget (using local grandma recipes!), to weatherizing old homes on a tight budget (we’ll be using our space as a working example).
  • The expanding of our local cloth diaper bank and other related resources for caregivers.
  • The creation of a tool lending library and other garden resources for beginning growers.
  • The creation of our community flower gardens for spaces of grief and growth.
  • Community-led workshops and discussions on immigration and supporting recent immigrants in our communities, fighting racism, exploring souring incarceration rates and discussions with Seeds of Liberation about ways we can reduce rates; growing partnerships with organization across rural and urban central Arkansas to bring people together across difference to fight for change in low-income communities.
  • Last year our run was a huge success and allowed us to really get going. Here are just a few samples of what your donations funded last year:

Once a Month Skill Shares Around the Community:


A Series of Living Room Conversations and actions on fighting racism and coming together across difference to build Beloved Community and a partnership with the Other Arkansas campaign. 

The Creation of  Resource Banks and Community Teaching Tools on site: 


Helping to Build the Freedom House Garden and Related Curriculum in Partnership with Residents 

Preparing our Community Hub for Our Own Gardens:


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