Cloth Diaper Skill Share and Updates!


Skill Share participants!

On June 20th Anola and Samantha led a wonderful skill share and inactive discussion about cloth diapering.

Anola created a presentation that went over the benefits of cloth, especially for low-income families who often find themselves having to choose between food or diapers. You can download Anola’s presentation here: the-McElroy-House

Best of all, we were able to hand out over 40 cloth diapers to new caregivers! Thanks so much to ARVAC Food Bank in Dardanelle for letting us use their space for this workshop.

Since we had the workshop we received a donation of a vintage chest of drawers with glass cabinets, which is perfect for housing all the diapers.

And here’s some especially great news!! Anola is working on setting up a partnership with the Rebecca Foundation, a national organization that helps supply free cloth diapers to low-income, special needs, and military families. Stay tuned for more information on that!

Below are few photos from the day.

If you have diapers you’d like to pass on to our diaper bank or you are in need of diapers, please call 479-957-0551 or contact us on fb here. If you’d like to support the diaper bank with a financial donation, we can make use of that too. We’ll use the money to buy diapers from local stories, supporting both caregivers and the local economy.


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