Can You Lend a Plant?: Filling the Beds at the Seeds of Change Garden at Freedom House


Seed starting at Freedom House using recycled newspapers as containers. Freedom House residents created the containers and planted the seeds as part of a larger discussion about how everything that grows starts off very small. All our seeds are heirloom seeds and came from Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company!

Contact Meredith Martin-Moats at 479-957-0551; 

Or Audra Butler Hankins at ARVAC (479) 229-4861

Click here to download the press release:  Fill the Garden Beds PR 3


We have all the veggies donated!! THANK YOU!

We still need a few herbs and several bags of soil or donated dirt! Can you help us fill the beds?

We’re entering the last stage of our partnership with ARVAC’s Freedom House and getting ready to get all the plants in the ground! On Tuesday May 12th from 9:00-11:00 we’ll work with residents of Freedom House to host a two hour workshop where the residents will put everything in the garden and we’ll pass on the project to the staff and residents.  The garden includes an herb and vegetable area as well as a grief and healing garden featuring butterfly attracting flowers. Freedom House is a CARF accredited center offering comprehensive substance abuse and dependency treatment with a focuses on holistic healing. Learn more about this partnership here.

Mike, the talented maintenance man at Freedom House, crafted two cedar beds from locally hewn wood for the garden project. He’s also been working on designing beds from donated pallets from the food bank!  And Arlene Tucker George of Dardanelle made a generous donation of soil in honor of her late grandson, Alexander, which will help fill the beds. The residents started flower seeds for the beds and McElroy House has also started seeds for the butterfly garden.

As part of this May 12th event, we’ll be working with Freedom House residents and staff to engage in some interactive ceremonies that will speak to new beginnings and the importance of growth. Residents will have the chance to share their stories and speak of their futures as they put the plants in the ground. The garden will serve as both a literal space of healing and growth as well as a metaphorical space for larger conversations and commitments to new beginnings.


Freedom House residents have been tending to their seeds, water them daily and getting them ready to go into the beds.

This is a wonderful project that will serve not only the needs of the Freedom House residents, but also their families and the community at large. While at Freedom House, residents will have the opportunity to gain or increase their gardening skills, supply healthy and freshly grown food to the on site cafeteria, and help create spaces of beauty and meditation. The gardens sit in between the dorms and the counseling offices, providing spaces for healing for both the residents and their families who come to visit.  Freedom House serves the needs of people in our communities who need support. Supporting Freedom House residents means supporting strong communities.

Here’s How You Can Help: 

Donated, locally grown day lilies!

Donated, locally grown day lilies!

We’ve already had many plants donated, but we could use more! We’ve started marigolds, zinnias, amaranth, and yarrow. We also have day lilies, full-grown yarrow, and hyssop. Can you add to our list?

If you’re a gardener, we’d love any plant donations you might have, especially some you’d started yourself! Below you can find a list of plants we’re looking for (as chosen for their ease of care and longevity). Of course, we’d happily take other options! As part of your donation, we’d love to share your name and the story behind the plants you’re donating so that we can share this with the residents and fill the beds with plants grown and loved by regional people. Knowing where these plants and soil came from help connect the garden to the region and the community and help build resources for the residents! 

We could also use some more soil to finish the beds and some tomato cages. Ever little bit helps and all donations made to Freedom House (plants or money) are tax deductible.

We'll be getting hyssop from this plant! Veggies and herbs:

Tomatoes of all varieties

Peppers of all varieties










Third generation yarrow from the McElroy House.

Third generation yarrow from the McElroy House.

Flowers for Butterfly Garden : 

Echinacea/cone flower

Milkweed (butterfly weed, red milkweed, etc)


Snap Dragon

Black-Eyed Susan

Bee Balm



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