In Honor of Alexander James

DSC_0059As you may know, McElroy House is in a short-term partnership with Freedom House, working to help them create garden programing for residents at Freedom House.

We recently put out a call looking for garden soil donations for the raised beds and Arlene Tucker George of Dardanelle contacted us and offered to make a donation in honor of her late great nephew, Alexander. She told us that every year the family make donations in his honor, a tradition his mother started after his passing.

We were very touched by Arlene’s story and we asked her if we could share this story with our readers and she said yes. Arlene contacted Alexander’s parents who wrote the words below for us to share. We’re so thankful for their kindness. We wanted everyone to read Alexander’s story and keep his beautiful memory alive.

Here is the story as written by Sarah and Brad James, Alexander’s parents. Much love to all.

Our little boy, Alexander, passed away when he was 7 months old. He was beautiful, brave, and precious, and we love him so. We miss him terribly. When you lose a child, every day is hard but particularly special days, like birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. Alexander’s birthday is on April 7th. We wanted to do something to celebrate his birthday, and try to bring a little love and light into what could be a very difficult day. My mom had the idea of doing random acts of kindness, and asking others to join us. We see this as a way to take some of the love we have for Alex, and spread it around. We started it last year on his 1st birthday, and decided to do it again this year for his 2nd birthday, and it’s just grown. Hopefully, it will continue to grow each year. It helps to do things for others and also to hear about what other people are doing in honor of our son. Alexander is in our hearts and on our minds constantly, and it’s comforting to know that other people are thinking of him and performing random acts of kindness with him in mind.

Written by Sarah & Brad James


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