April Sharing: Rescheduled Yoga for Caregivers Skill Share

Image from Rachel Townsend of Your Body, Your Yoga.

Image from Rachel Townsend of Your Body, Your Yoga.

In case you haven’t heard, we’ve rescheduled this event with Rachel Townsend of Your Body, Your Yoga! Hope you can join us! All the details below. And be sure and rsvp via the facebook invite by clicking here. 

Like a copy of the press release? Click here to download one: Yoga for Caregivers PR

Free Yoga for Caregivers Workshops

When: Saturday April 25 10:00 a.m. -12:00 p.m.

Where: ARVAC Food Bank,504 Union Street, Dardanelle, Arkansas 

Contact: McElroy House: Organization for Cultural Resources via Meredith Martin-Moats at 479-957-0551 or meredithmartin_moats@yahoo.com or ARVAC via Audra Butler at 229-4861.

Rachel Townsend of Your Body, Your Yoga is coming in from Little Rock to lead this free event. Targeted toward caregivers of all ages an/or those work in caregiving professions, this 2 hour skill share will lead participants in exploring how to make wellness possible at home, even when it seems impossible. The basic yogic principle of healing breath and philosophy of nonviolence towards the self will figure prominently throghout the workshop.

No special clothes required or mats required. Come as you are! A pair of shorts, pj bottoms, sweats or stretchy jeans and a loose fitting top will give you freedom to move comfortably. This is a space for beginners and participants will learn at an introductory level. ARVAC, Inc. has generously offered the space at the food bank for this event! 

Attendees will leave the skill share having learned a short yoga sequence (set of movements), that can be taken home with you to support your bodies in caregiving.

Have more questions or want to know more about Rachel’s work? Message Rachel by clicking here. 


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