March Sharing: Honoring Local Women’s Stories

Photo of Mrs. Violet Bullock by Saira Khan. This photo is from our Garden Project work. Read more about Mrs. Violet here:

Photo of Mrs. Violet Bullock by Saira Khan. This photo is from our Garden Project work. Read more about Mrs. Violet here:

When: Saturday March 14th from 10:00-2:00

Where: McElroy House Building, 420 S. 2nd Street Dardanelle, Arkansas

March is Women’s History Month and for this month’s get-together we’ll be hosting a come and go gathering to share stories and memories about influential women in our community and personal lives. It can be a story about a family member, a teacher, someone you’ve read about that influences your own life, your children—anyone! They can be living or deceased; they can come with you or not. They don’t need to be well known!! The point here is to share a story about someone matters to you—someone you’d like for people to know about. We can learn so much from everyday stories about everyday people who play key roles in our lives.

We’ll have some recording equipment on hand if you’re interested in sharing your story for a community radio project we’ll be putting together featuring local stories. But no pressure to share the story for radio! To give you an idea of what we’re talking about, here’s an example of an oral radio piece we did in that past.

 We encourage everyone to bring an object that reminds them of the woman you want to share a story about—it could be photos, a book, a quilt, union card from the historic days of the local chicken plant, some garden seeds, pottery, you name it. If you’re interested in sharing, we’ll be taking photos of the objects and the photos will be printed out and kept on hand at the McElroy House for others to view over the years!

This is a come and go event and as we get closer to the event we’ll post a list of specific stories that will be shared.

RSVP to the facebook invite here:

If you’d like to read some things we’ve written about other women in the community, click on any of the links below!
Zilphea Horton Cultural Organizing Project  (Zilphea was from Clarksville, Arkansas)
Arkansas’s First All Female Local Government (it was near Dardanelle)

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