Harvest Run/Walk, Pie Sale, Community Storytelling Event is THIS WEEKEND!

McElroy shirts for the event! Design by Bryan Moats.

McElroy shirts for the event! Design by Bryan Moats.

Contact: Marie Williams at mwilliams65@atu.edu, 479-692-1151 or Meredith Martin-Moats, meredithmartin_moats@yahoo.com, 479-957-0551.

For more details: http://www.mcelroyharvestrun.com

Quick details:

Registration for the run starts at 9 and run starts at 10:00

After party and pie sale begins around noon. The workshop with the Artist Laboratory Theatre starts at noon! 

On Saturday November 1
st the McElroy House: Organization for Cultural Resources and Community Action will host their first annual Harvest Run 5K and after party with pie sale and much more! The run/walk will take place in the historic Russellville Depot and will begin 10:00 a.m to be followed by an awards ceremony to take place at noon. All racers will receive a race packet including t-shirts designed by the McElroy House. The walk will be followed with an after party including information sharing from several area organizations, growers, and community workers, a pie sale featuring regional bakers, and an interactive storytelling session with the Artist Laboratory Theatre from Fayetteville! Thanks so much to Main Street Russellville for allowing us to use the space! 

“As a runner, I understand how these events can bring people together and that’s what I wanted to do for the McElroy House: Bring the community together,” says event coordinator Marie Williams. “Meredith and I have worked to take a pretty common event, a 5K, and have turned it into something unique that captures the mission of what we are trying to do with the McElroy House,” she continues.

Mrs. Violet from Dardanelle talking about gardening to feed her family. Mrs. Bullock is one of many people involved in the Garden Book Project.

Mrs. Violet from Dardanelle talking about gardening to feed her family. Mrs. Bullock is one of many people involved in the Garden Book Project.

Located in Dardanelle and serving Pope and Yell Counties, the McElroy House is grassroots community-based organization working to find local solutions to local problems. Valuing our landscape and our cultural resources, we explore how the past informs the present, and how, by building bridges across generations and cultures, we can work toward a stronger and more inclusive future for Pope and Yell Counties. We do this through community-based media work, community organizing, oral histories and much more. We also work to find connections and commonalities between communities in rural and urban areas and help grow conversations and partnerships between communities. All proceeds from this event will go toward the opening of our center in Dardanelle as well and our continued work on the Garden Project and our partnership with ARVAC and Freedom House.

After the run the McElroy House will be host our second annual pie and postre sale featuring pie makers from Dardanelle, Dover, Russellville, even Little Rock! This event sheds light on the traditions and stories of area community members as well as regional baking traditions. All pies are made by volunteers from the community! When you purchase a pie you also get a piece of paper with information about the story behind the pie and little bit about the person who made it. This is a great way to learn more about community members and to think more deeply about all the diverse baking traditions we have in the region. The pie sale will feature original apple pie recipes made with heirloom, regional apple varieties, generations old sweet potato pies, chocolate cream pies and more. All pies are 10.00-15.00 dollars. Pies will go on sale as soon as the first runners complete the course. If you’re interested in making a pie and sharing a story, please contact us! We’d love to have you join! Click here to read more about two of this year’s pie makers! 

Goodies from Garden Press Juice!

Goodies from Garden Press Juice! Bo Bennett will be handmaking juices on site!

Our after party will also focus on information sharing and include booths from community organizations such as the Arkansas Master Naturalists who will discuss the importance of respecting Arkansas wilderness; CASA of the 5th Judicial District, which trains volunteers to represent the best interest of abused and neglected children in the courtroom and other settings; the Pope County Baby Wearer’s Group, a collective of area women who make make and trade baby carriers and slings and will be on hand showing some of their handmade varieties; Bo Bennett of Garden Press Juice will be handcrafting locally made juice from regional vegetables grown by area farmers as well as sharing his “Beet Elixer with runners; And Kristin Simmons will be talking about chicken keeping and small scale egg production; And Emily Young of Brainstorm Agency will be on hand with her Arkansas t-shirts. We still have room for a few booths. All booth spaces are free and are geared toward information sharing. Cy of Cy’s Egg Rolls will also have his food truck on site if you’re hungry! 

The Artist Laboratory Theatre doing a performance at Tri-Cyle Farms in Fayetteville. They'll be on hand for a community discussion session about this place we come from and call home.

The Artist Laboratory Theatre doing a performance at Tri-Cyle Farms in Fayetteville. They’ll be on hand to lead people in community discussion session about concepts of place and home!

The Artist Laboratory Theatre from Fayetteville, Arkansas will also be in attendance hosting a lively and interactive community discussion focusing on topics such as “What makes this place home?” Everyone is invited to participate in this fun storytelling session and share your ideas and stories! The Artist’s Laboratory Theatre collaborates with the community to create unique performances in intimate and surprising spaces. The session with Artists Laboratory Theatre will begin at noon in the breezeway of the Depot and last for about an hour. It’s free to join and you’re sure to learn more about your fellow community members!

The McElroy House members will also be on hand to talk about their work building bridges across generations and cultures and communities, including their work in community oral history, community-based media pieces, the Seed and the Story column which runs bi-weekly in the Courier, the Garden Book research project, and the new partnership with ARVAC and Freedom House.

James Obee Woods let us interview him as part of our Garden Book Project!

James Obee Woods  garden in Dardanelle. Mr. Woods let us interview him as part of our Garden Book Project exploring food growing traditions in the community.

All of the after party events are free and open to everyone!  Entry fee for the race is 25.00 and the run/walk begins at 10:00. All donations made to the McElroy House are tax deductible. Families and intergenerational groups are encouraged to participate in the walk together and we already have families signed up to walk together as groups. We’d love to hear the story of your family! There are still spaces for vendors and community booths. For more information on the run contact Marie at 479-692-1151 . To make a pie, have a booth or learn more about the after party events, call Meredith at 479-957-0551.


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