Harvest Community Run/Walk: New Interactive Page.

1888805_10153040813670410_2873749478371972389_oWant to attend our first annual community walk/run?

Be a sponsor?

Make a pie?

GO HERE to check out our new interactive page for our fall fundraiser!


2 Comments on “Harvest Community Run/Walk: New Interactive Page.”

  1. Libby Davenport says:

    Hello. I enjoy your column! After reading about cotton picking/singing I thought of my grandmother. She was the youngest of eight children. Six of them came from Ohio in 1876 to Little Rock on the train with their parents. A covered wagon took them all the way to the Louisiana line and then returning north to Curtis, AR.where my grandmother and her sister were later born.The family worked in saw mills in Smithton, Whelen Springs,Wood Springs, Laneburg and Emmett.The older boys and their father devised a way to haul saw dust away from the mill. The family was of Welsh descent. My great-grandfather came on a ship from Wales.They loved to sing and often had singings with neighbors. My grandmother took elocution lessons in Junction City. The family had very little extra money but her folks thought it was important to study and recite poetry. Even in her 90’s she could recite from memory long involved poems. She died in 1976 in Ruston, La.

    Mary Elizabeth Davenport (Libby) Russellville, AR The story of my g.grandfather leaving Wales is very interesting. He was noticed poaching on an estate in Wales. Hearing the police were coming for him, he gathered a few belongings and raced to Cardiff and caught a ship for America. The ship hit an iceberg and he floated in a lifeboat for a week. He was taken to Nova Scotia and later came into NYC.

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