Pie Day Sale a Huge Success!


Derek Brooks dropping off his sweet potato pie that he learned to make from his mother.

We’re so sorry to be so late in giving readers an update on our pie day sale! We are happy to report that our pie day was a HUGE success! We sold out of all our pies within an hour, with many customers coming in to ask for a specific pie/pie story they’d seen pictured online.

The folks at the Russellville Community Market were especially helpful in making the day a success and we’re grateful for their support. Because we were so busy selling pies, we never had a chance to get any photos of the event. But we do have some photos from picking up the pies, which you can see below. We hope to do another pie sale in the future, so stay tuned for that.

All money will go toward the creation of our building, including the parking lot which must be in place before we can open our center (as per city code).

If you’d like to help us grow closer to our goal of creating the parking lot, consider a donation to our work at any Liberty/Centennial Bank locations in Arkansas.

We’d love to feature your pie in our next sale! If you want to make a pie for the next event, please don’t hesitate to contact us. And remember, you can read stories from a few of this year’s pie makers right here on our blog.

Bo Bennett’s Meadowview Apple Pie

Charlotte Haralson’s Chocolate Cream Pie

Connie McElroy’s Pecan Pie

Denise Taylor’s Sweet Potato Pie

Freda Cossey’s Sweet Potato Pie

Linda Ford’s Cherry Cream Cheese Pie

Jennifer Freeman’s Cheesecake 

Rhonda Owen’s Mincemeat Pie

If you’re interested in helping out with future pie day sales please let us know.We can use assistance with recruiting pie makers, picking up pies, and selling of the pies.  THANKS AGAIN!


Rhonda Owen dropping off her mincemeat pie. Rhonda’s was the first one to sell!


Bo Bennett with his Aunt Mary Penny’s Apple Pie made with heirloom apples!


2 Comments on “Pie Day Sale a Huge Success!”

  1. […] Our after party will highlight regional music and feature our second annual pie and postre sale featuring area pie makers and bakers. When you purchase one of these regionally-made pies you’ll get a handcrafted card with more information about both the pie and the pie maker. These pies shed light on the variety of baking traditions and call attention to the family and community oral histories. Community members are encouraged to share their own stories and donate pies to the sale! Read more about last year’s pie sale here.  […]

  2. […] Also, learn more about last year’s pie sale here!!  […]

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