Denise’s Sweet Potato Pie

Denise Taylor of Dardanelle.

Denise Taylor of Dardanelle.

Denise Taylor of Dardanelle shared this story with us about her sweet potato pie. You can buy one of Denise’s pies during Pie Day, October 17th at the Russellville Community Market at All Saints Episcopal Church! Read more about our Pie Day event here. 

Like most folks, I learned to cook watching my mother in the kitchen. Again, like most folks of my generation, I think she was one of the best & most creative cooks in the world! She could stretch a pound of hamburger to feed five hungry kids plus dad & herself.  My sweet potato pie doesn’t have an exact recipe because some sweet potatoes are sweeter than others, depending upon many factors. Sweetness depends upon the soil in which they were grown, the weather conditions at that time & how fresh they are.

 I chose to make sweet potato pie because it has a longer “shelf life” than pies with meringue & it “travels” well. It’s also less likely someone else will choose to make one, so maybe mine will be unique.I remember watching Mother & other aunts & grandmothers turn out beautiful pie crusts, working them easily with their hands. It seemed to be no effort at all!~ However, as I learned when I started trying myself, that technique comes with much practice!

I love making pies because it seems to be (sadly) somewhat of a lost “art.” They usually require a little more time to prepare than most cakes. I’ve tried to teach my granddaughters to cook & instill in them the importance of cooking good, healthy food. The young girls where I work are frequently asking about my recipes & I’m always eager to share with them. Many of them don’t have a good cook in their lives & I love to try & fill that void. If a person is willing to learn, cooking can be fun & obviously, very rewarding!

Thanks so much, Denise for sharing your story and your talents!


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