THIS Thursday is Pie Day!

Rhonda pie

Rhonda Owen makes her family’s mincemeat pie for our sale!

It’s pie weather, friends!

You can choose from over 10 locally made, regionally-inspired pies created by area pie makers who have been passing down these skills for  generations!  With your pie you’ll also get a card with the pie maker’s story!

WHEN: Thursday between 4pm and 6:30pm!

WHERE: The Russellville Community Market at All Saints Episcopal Church located at 501 S Phoenix Ave in Russellville.

WHAT: So many pies! Sweet potato, Applepie with heirloom apples, cheesecake, pecan pies, mincemeat and more! All pies are 10.00! 

WHY: In many ways food and stories are inseparable. And in this region marked by the foothills of the Ozarks, the edges of the Ouachita Mountains, and the banks in the River Valley, we really like to make pies. As part of our Pies for Pavement Fundraiser, we have been asking area pie makers to tell us the stories behind their pies.  When you buy a pie you’ll be supporting the work of the McElroy House: Organization for Folklife, Oral History and Community Action AND learning more about pie makers in your community. This “Pies for Pavement” project will help us fund our community center and green parking lot, which will serve as a working example of green design in low-income areas.

Check out past columns to learn more and be sure and look through our recent blog posts to meet pie makers! 

From the Courier Seed and Story Column: “Pies and Postres for Pavement.”


One Comment on “THIS Thursday is Pie Day!”

  1. […] Denise Taylor of Dardanelle shared this story with us about her sweet potato pie. You can buy one of Denise’s pies during Pie Day, October 17th at the Russellville Community Market at All Saints Episcopal Church! Read more about our Pie Day event here.  […]

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