Pies for Pavement: Pecan Pie

pecansAs part of our Pies for Pavement Fundraiser, we have been asking area pie makers to tell us the stories behind their pies. . In many ways food and stories are inseparable. And in this region marked by the foothills of the Ozarks, the edges of the Ouachita Mountains, and the banks in the River Valley, we really like to make pies. And these pies don’t come out of nowhere. They’re often passed down from generation to generation, changing over time as each pie maker brings in their own ideas to the creation.

Connie Nelson of Dardanelle shared her thoughts on making Pecan Pie. You can buy one of Connie’s Pies at our Pies for Pavement event on October 17th! Stay tuned for details! 

Connie learned to cook from her Mother and grandmother. “As s a child, I stayed with my Mammaw while Mom was at work and a lot of our time was spent in the kitchen,” she explained.  She is choosing to make a pecan pie from a recipe that her mother wrote down as she had learned it from her mother. “My first memories of pie making was with my Mammaw,” she says.  ” She was a wonderful cook and there were always fresh baked goods in her kitchen.”

When asked why she chose this recipe she says is was always a family favorite growing up.  “My Mammaw, being quite frugal, used what she had on hand and there were pecan trees on their property that my great grandfather (her father) planted.  We still own property with some of those trees and I will use pecans from there in my pie.”

Baking is one way Connie says she can stay connected to previous generations. “I enjoy making pies and feel it is a way to sort of stay connected to my Mother and Mammaw.  I have my Mammaw’s dough board and Mother’s rolling pin and use them when I bake.”

Thanks Connie for sharing your pie story!


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