Pies for Pavement-Chocolate Cream Pie

944125_597782010242672_1376091189_nAs part of our “Pies for Pavement” Fundraiser we talked with locals about desserts that they make.  Desserts, especially pies, are a part of every family get together I’ve ever been to and are a huge part of our local heritage. Have you ever wondered if there was a story behind that homemade pie that you love? I bet there is! The next time you have the opportunity to dig into your favorite dessert, take a few minutes to find out the story behind it!

Charlotte Haralson makes a delicious Chocolate Cream Pie. She learned to make the pie working for a lady who made them for Bewley’s Tasty Burger, a restaurant Charlotte worked at during her senior year of high school.

“I worked for this lady who made them at her little restaurant and my family like them so I started making them.”

She kept making the pies because her family loved them so much. She said she can’t even keep one in the fridge for any period of time because as soon as she makes it, her family devours it!

Charlotte enjoys making the pies because it reminds her of working at the little diner.

“I enjoyed working there. I still have people come up to me and ask me how I’m doing who remember me from there. And I met Billy [her husband] there. Those are good memories.”

When I asked Charlotte about a favorite dessert or baked good that she has a fond memory of her grandmother’s rolls were her immediate answer, “My granny made the best homemade rolls and she had the best homemade butter. They were just so delicious and she always had them. I enjoyed going to see her so much that just knowing the rolls would probably be there was an added bonus.”


 Chocolate Cream Pie

1 cup sugar

3 tbs self rising flour

2 egg yolks

2 cups of milk

 2 tbs butter

2 tbs vanilla

Hershey’s cocoa

Blend: sugar, flour, and egg yolks together. Mix well. Add the rest of the ingredients. Cook on medium heat until warm and mixed well, add the ingredients to crust, then top with whipped cream and put in fridge. Then Enjoy!

Thank you, Charlotte, for sharing your pie with us!




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