Pies for Pavement- Cheesecake

1376567_1403790679850258_333118831_nAs part of our “Pies for Pavement” Fundraiser we talked with locals about desserts that they make.  Desserts, especially pies, are a part of every family get together I’ve ever been to and are a huge part of our local heritage. Have you ever wondered if there was a story behind that homemade pie that you love? I bet there is! The next time you have the opportunity to dig into your favorite dessert, take a few minutes to find out the story behind it!

The dessert that Jennifer Freeman is most known for is her homemade cheesecake.

She started making the cheesecake for her husband after years of making him an instant version, “When Wendell [her husband] and I were dating I would make him the Jello instant cheesecake, well after years, probably about eight years ago I found this recipe for the homemade cheesecake and decided to make a grown up version. Wendell loved it.”

Her cheesecake continued to be a success at church events. Jennifer even had the opportunity to make her cheesecake for the groom’s cake at a wedding!

Jennifer continues to make the cheesecake for her friends and family that enjoy it, “The ladies at work have me make at least one a school year for us to eat on. And for Christmas I give them away as gifts.”

Jennifer remembered her grandmother’s cake and how she used a slotted spoon to mix the batter, “I don’t remember my grandma Mayhew ever baking pies but she always had a cake for us to eat on as a kid. And for holidays or special occasions she would ice the cake, always white icing, and crush up peppermint candies for decoration. She never used a mixer just a slotted spoon, which I can proudly say that I now have.”

Thank you, Jennifer, for sharing your cheesecake with us!



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