A Beautiful Quilt to Help us Raise Money!

Quilt in progress!

Quilt in progress!

We are so thankful to announce that Joanna McElroy Corder, a quilter from Conway, Arkansas, is making and donating a quilt to help us raise money for the McElroy House work!  The quilt is still in progress. Once it’s complete we will begin having it events to be raffled off to raise money to complete our Garden Book project!

The quilt features pink fabrics and is made in honor of those fighting cancer. We asked Joanna a little bit about how she learned to become a quilter and this is what she shared about her mother, learning the craft, and what it means to her.

Here’s what she had to say:

“I am teaching myself how to quilt.

I would watch my Mother and never thought there would come the day she wouldn’t be around to teach me. When she moved up here I had thought this would be the perfect time for me to learn from her but by this time her eye sight was about gone and she just didn’t feel like doing anything. So I just plowed my way thru…learning something different with every one I make..no two are alike or ever will be.

One thing for sure, Mother left me with tons of fabric and lots of books with patterns and even pictures of the many she made. She would piece them on the sewing machine but hand quilt them and that is what I am trying to do. She loved to do this and always had one in the frames and sometimes piecing one on the machine. She was always on the “hunt” for that special piece of fabric that she might not have or if she did, more wouldn’t hurt.

I must admit I do the same thing, had a wonderful teacher. Mother, her twin sister, and her older sister all quilted. Each one had their own style and that is what made them all so special. I feel like when I’m working on a quilt, Mother is right there with me, looking over my shoulder. I think she would be proud of her baby girl, at least I hope so.”



In the near future we will be raffling the quilt at our events. But you don’t have to wait until the event to buy raffle tickets! Contact our director by sending an email to meredithmartin_moats@yahoo.com or calling 479-957-0551.


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  1. […] quilt was made and donated by JoAnna Corder (click here to read all about the quilt and JoAnna’s story) and honor’s cancer victims, cancer survivors, and their […]

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