Cleaning rags hanging out to dry on the backyard clothesline.

We have wonderful news!

For a while now we’ve been an organization without a building. But that’s soon to change!

We recently begun work on our building, the McElroy House!

Located at 420 S. 2nd Street in Dardanelle, Arkansas, this small house was built in the late 1940s and served as the inspiration behind our name.

We’ve got a lot of work left to do, but soon(ish)we’ll be using it as a community resource space and idea hub where folks can stop by and say hello, share local cultural resources, learn more about and engage in  community-based media work, and (eventually) take a walk through our kid-friendly food, water and butterfly garden.

For now we’re in the process of cleaning up the building, brainstorming and building sustainable fundraising models, and getting our organizational plans in place so we can most effectively serve the community.

We are beyond thankful for the support we have received from friends near and far. Thank you, thank you, thank you for believing in our work. It’s finally coming together.


Bryan Moats cleaning the front windows.

Parking Lots and Such

Our first building related project is finding funding for, and installing, a few designated parking spaces, as required by the City of Dardanelle under our special use permit. We’re researching affordable ways to utilize what’s often referred to as “low impact design,” a way of approaching construction that works with nature rather than against it.

Parking lots are known for creating increased water runoff in neighborhoods, which leads to soil erosion, water contamination, and flood damage.  Even though our lot will be quite small, we feel this is a great opportunity to explore how principles of low impact design can be utilized in all communities, including low-income small towns in the rural south. We’ll be using our parking lot as a working experiment and working with the University of Arkansas’s Center for Community Design to come up with a plan to reduce storm water runoff and create a simple solution to our parking issue that is affordable and created locally. More on this in the very near future.

Ways You Can Help:

All of our work is grassroots and volunteer-based. If you’re interested in donating time, money, or resources, please let us know and we promise to put them to good use. We’re working to build locally-sound models for our work, which isn’t just about funding our own work,  but about collectively generating and supporting sustainable resources for the larger community. So let’s do this. If you’d like to get involved, donate time or money, or just learn more about what we’re doing and why we think it matters, please let us know. You can contact Meredith at meredithmartin_moats@yahoo.com


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