Seedling Sale this Sunday!


Come out this Sunday to the Green Corner Store on Main Street in Little Rock for our first ever butterfly-loving seedling sale!You can attend the Bernice Garden Market to pick up some fresh produce, come on over to our table for some flowers, and then eat ice cream at Loblolly Creamery!


Here’s what the containers look like before planting. All of these were made with local newspapers and created with the help of volunteers.

Here’s What You Can Find At the Sale:

All of our seedlings are flower or herbs and will help bring butterflies and bees to the garden. All the seedlings were grown with heirloom seed purchased from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds or Seeds Savers Exchange. They’ll come in recyclable containers made from newspapers, and can be placed directly in the garden. The container will biodegrade into the soil. So all you have to do is the dig the hole and give them water!

And here’s a few photos of some plants that are ready to be taken home!

Image from the Garden Book by Saira Khan. Pope County, Arkansas.

Image from the Garden Book by Saira Khan. Pope County, Arkansas.

What You’ll Be Supporting:

This seedling sale will help support our Garden Book project, a community-based media project exploring the importance of gardening in Pope and Yell Counties. Much more than a directory or a how-to book, the Garden Book will focus on the people behind the gardens, illuminating the power of living traditions and sustainable living, the importance of teaching youth, and the diversity of sustainable growing traditions in the region. The book will feature the photography of Saira Kahn and the research of Marie Williams. All people featured in the book are from Yell and Pope Counties.

Our goal is to encourage a larger conversation about the importance of local food production and organize for the future. Our goal with this book is to help generate larger conversations and community-based organizing toward greater food security in the Pope and Yell County areas where the McElroy House is based. You can read all about the project here. We’ll be finishing up the research this summer, putting the book together through the winter, and the book will be released early next spring.

Our Garden Book project has been supported by the Pope County Community Foundation and this seedling sale will add to their support!  Want to know more about the seedling sale like how we grew the seeds and where our soil came from? Go here. 

Image by Saira Khan.

Image by Saira Khan.

Other Ways to Get Involved With This Project:

There are many ways you can help support our Garden Book project and our work at the McElroy House in general. We’re a totally volunteer-run organziation working toward sustainable ways of funding our work.  Here are just a few ways you can help with this project. If you’re interested in supporting other aspects of our work, please contact us! We love support! Send an email to meredithmartin_moats (at) yahoo.

  • Donate a few dollars to printing costs for the book.
  • Spread the word about our work to interested people near and far.
  • Give us your extra heirloom seeds for future sales
  • Donate extra potting soil or compost

We’d love to know you’re coming. Join the Facebook event.


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