Oral History Radio: Bud Rector and J.L. Martin on Life in Harkey Valley

Bud Rector and J.L. Martin in Harkey Valley, 2012.

Bud Rector and J.L. Martin in Harkey Valley, 2012.

Part of our focus at the McElroy House Organization is documenting regional oral histories and helping to make them accessible to the larger community. If you follow our Seed and the Story columns in the Post and Courier papers and on the Boiled Down Juice you may recall pieces about Bud Rector discussing the logging woods of Harkey Valley.

Bud Rector was born in 1914 and has lived in the Harkey’s Valley area all of his life. He’s hauled logs in the timber woods, raised chickens and cows, worked for the WPA, driven the rural bus route for Dardanelle Schools for decades, and traveled throughout the area singing in a gospel quartet. J.L. Martin was born in the valley in 1945 and also worked in the logging woods with his father, John L. Martin, a man known for his work with mules.

You can read our past columns about their conversations here:

* “Visiting with Bud Rector,” Seed and the Story column for January 25, 2012.

* “In the Logging Woods,” The Seed and the Story March 23, 2013.

We recently produced two edited sound pieces for the Ozarks at Large radio program on KUAF 91.3 FM, National Public Radio from Fayetteville, Arkansas. Check them out below.

Part 1:

Part 2:


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