Chickens are Beautiful: Images from Saira Khan-Hendrix

Earlier this week we posted about Marie’s visit with Kristen Simmons who raises heirloom chickens and believes in the importance of time spent closer to the land. A few days later Saira Khan-Hendrix, a photographer who is working with us to take beautiful portrait-style shots of people in their gardens and among the things they grow, took these amazing shots at Simmon’s place. These are just a small sampling of Saira’s beautiful photos and there will be more to come as time we spend time with more growers. All shots were taken at Simmon’s house outside of Dover, Arkansas in Pope County. Click on the photos to see them in full size. 

If you know of a grower (old or young, experienced or just beginning) who you think we should visit with, please let us know! We’d love to hear from you. Contact us at meredithmartin_moats (at)



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