Gardening and Farmer’s Market Independent Research Study at Arkansas Tech University

ImageWe will be offering an independent study this coming semester at Arkansas Tech University identifying, researching, documenting, and connecting with gardeners and various farmers markets in the Yell and Pope County area. This will be part of our work on the larger Garden Book project exploring and encouraging sustainability, cross-cultural cultural and intergenerational dialog in our area.  Given the recent drought and the extreme conditions this has created, we’ll also be documenting these concerns and, hopefully, discovering and sharing innovative ways area growers are dealing with this pressing problem.

Students will engage in oral history interviews and visit garden sites.  Photographer Saira Kahn will also be partnering with us to take beautiful photos of growers and their gardens. Independent study hours are flexible. Students will gain hands on experience engaging in oral history interviewing, community action, organizing, writing, outreach and much more.  We will work with students to ensure their work in this class will be relevant to their majors, whatever that major may be.  A full description of the class will be available early next week.

If you’re interested in being a part of this project please contact us for more information.  And please help us spread the word!


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