Idea Fair, Meeting at the Historical Society, and garden book!

Had a great meeting at the American Folklore Society Conference and a wonderful discussion at the Idea Fair where I presented ideas about the McElroy House.  I’m very thankful for those who came and shared ideas and suggestions.

This past Monday we also had a great meeting at the Dardanelle Historical Society!  We’re very excited and honored to have so much community support!

Next on the list is getting back to work on our first annual local garden book which will feature local gardens discussing the role of raising their own food, how they acquired their knowledge and why garden remains important to them and the community.  After all, garden may seem like a small thing, but creating food for yourself and your family is one of the most important things a person can do!   If you’re a gardener and want to be a part of the book we’d love to have your help!  Please contact me or leave a message here.

If you’re visititng this site for the first time please know this is very much a work in progress!   We’re working out the kinks as we go along.  Thanks for your support! 



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