McElroy House Presentation at Dardanelle Historical Society October 17th.

On Monday October 17 there will be a presentation about the McElroy House and our current and future work in the community including:

* Projects between community youth and elders including youth-led local research projects.

* The upcoming garden book. which will feature area residents discussing how and why they garden and how gardening connects them to their homes and community.  The Garden Book will raise money for the creation of the community vegetable and memorial flower garden at the McElroy House.

The meeting starts at 7:00 P.M. at the Dardanelle Senior Center at 615 N. 5th, right behind the ARVAC building on South Arkansas.


One Comment on “McElroy House Presentation at Dardanelle Historical Society October 17th.”

  1. Jim Caldwell says:

    Meredith, if I have calculated correctly, the 17th is the third anniversary of your Mom’s funeral service, when we celebrated her life. She was one beautiful and gracious lady, who blessed the lives of so many, including mine. In those latter years I would talk to her frequently, and always came away feeling better about myself. Thanks for having (and sharing) a mother with such a great faith — in God and in people. I love your Dad very much, also. But this is her day. My best wishes to you, Bryan and the twins. Come to see us when your in Tulsa.

    With much love,


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