Garden Book

Hello everyone!  Big news!  Our first project at the McElroy House is going to be a locally-produced book about river valley residents and their gardens.  The first edition of the book will feature a handful of gardeners discussing how they learned to garden, what they love to grow, and the role gardening plays in their lives as both individuals and community members.

This first book will be the first volume in what we hope will be a long-running series on gardens and gardeners in the area.

Alert Printing Services (formerly Dardanelle Printers located downtown) will be printing the book and copies will available for a small donation.  When the book gets closer to publication we’ll be hosting some community events, but more on that in the near future! Right now we’re shooting to have this first volume of the book ready by early December and have the book available at the downtown Christmas Art Walk.

All proceeds from the book will go toward the creation of the vegetable and memorial flower gardens in front of the Center.   All plants for the garden will come from local gardens, so if you have some plants or seeds you want to denote please let us know!  We’d love to have some of your plants come to live at the Center’s garden!


3 Comments on “Garden Book”

  1. […] on stories and gardening in the area.  We’d love to include your story!  To learn more visit us here.  To read a little bit about the backstory of the garden book read this […]

  2. […] His phrase stuck with me. So often people tell me they have nothing to pass down. They can’t cook; they don’t garden; they can’t sew. They’re not tradition bearers, they conclude. Of course, that’s never true. We all have skills worth passing down. That aside, the important point here is that Mrs. Landis didn’t have to be a singer to be a tradition bearer. She opened up her home and assured her sons access to the tradition. We may not all be excellent quilters or know how to speak the language of our foremothers and fathers. But that doesn’t mean we can’t support those who do, partially by making sure the young people in our society gain exposure. The tradition bearers can only carry it on if we help them and the young people won’t know if we don’t tell them. That’s something we can all do.   And please don’t forget about the garden book we’re working on! More information here and here.  […]

  3. […] farmers markets in the Yell and Pope County area. This will be part of our work on the larger Garden Book project exploring and encouraging sustainability, cross-cultural cultural and intergenerational […]

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